WGS (BAM/CRAM) to RAW files

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Convert Dante Labs / Nebula Genomics / Sequencing / Wegene / YSEQ (BAM / CRAM / FASTQ) to RAW format and Haplogroups Prediction

Convert your WGS results (CRAM or BAM files) from Dante Labs, Nebula, Sequencing, YSEQ to the most RAW common formats compatible with third-party DNA websites. You will get the following results and files:

  • RAW files compatible with all the known third-party DNA websites.
  • BAM files ready to be uploaded to YFULL.com for deep YDNA analysis.
  • MTDNA FASTA file ready to be uploaded to YFULL.com for deep MTDNA analysis.

What files are required?

The necessary files are the BAM file (from Dante Labs or YSEQ or Sequencing) or the CRAM file (from Nebula Genomics). It is required to provide a link to these files. You have the option to share the Nebula link to the CRAM file or upload your own CRAM/BAM file to Dropbox or Google Drive. Once uploaded, you can then share the file with us.

NEBULA Customers: Please note that the MTDNA information contained in Nebula Genomics' CRAM files cannot be accurately converted to a RAW file. However, the MTDNA FASTA and BAM files are generated correctly, and the MTDNA haplogroups provided in the MTDNA.txt file are accurately predicted.

Please note that INDELs are not accurately converted into RAW files, thus any Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) that represents an INDEL will be incorrect.

Dante Labs Customers

Please, send us a link to download this file:

Nebula Genomics Customers

Please, send us this link:

How are the results delivered?

The results are delivered securely through your account, and all the data is removed once the customer confirms that they have downloaded it correctly.

What files will I receive?

This is the list of files ready to use you receive.

YDNA.TXT Contains the predicted YDNA
MTDNA.txt Contains the predicted MTDNA

A RAW file compatible with all the know third-party DNA websites. It contains ~700K SNPs. RAW file in 23andme format. Recommended for known ancestry and genealogy websites
A 2 Millions SNPs RAW file that includes the most common SNPs from various DNA testing companies. This file is only compatible with certain third-party websites. RAW file containing 2.5M SNPs. Recommended for GEDMatch, ...

chrM.bam BAM file of your MTDNA
chrM.vcf.gz VCF file of your MTDNA
chrM.vcf.gz.tbi VCF Index file of your VCF MTDNA file
mtdna.fasta FASTA file of your MTDNA. Recommended to upload it to YFULL.com and James Lick MTDNA predictor

idxstats.csv Statistics of your WGS file. Very technical

YDNA files. Only for Biological Men
chrY.annotated.vcf.gz VCF file of your YDNA
chrY.annotated.vcf.gz.tbi VCF Index file of your VCF YDNA file
chrY.bam BAM file of your YDNA

chrYM.bam BAM file of your YDNA and MTDNA. Recommended to upload it to YFULL.com to get matches and deeper prediction of your YDNA and MTDNA