Terms of Service

Before your data are uploaded to DNAGenics, you must agree to the consent terms. 

In accordance with Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June on certain aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce in the internal market the following information is provided:

DNAGenics is the name of the service offering of DNAGENICS SL ("dnagenics").

Please review this form carefully. If you agree to allow DNAGENICS to access and use your data to provide DNAGENICS service as described herein and in this Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, click on the specify sections wherever required in our service. You must be 18 years or older to be eligible to use the Service.

Remember, you are free to withdraw your consent and to discontinue participation at any time. Your participation is entirely voluntary.


DNAGenics is a personal genetic testing and analysis service provided by DNAGenics SL The goal of the service is to help you interpret your genomic data from other consumer genomics companies so you can learn more about your genetics and be better able to make healthier lifestyle choices to improve your health and wellness.

DNAGENICS is not a medical practice or other healthcare service and DNAGenics is not for diagnosis or treatment of disease in yourself or others. We are not physicians and we do not provide medical diagnoses, advice, recommendations, or treatment. If you have any concerns about a disease or medical condition, you must discuss your concerns with a healthcare provider.


To use DNAGenics, after providing your consent, you must create your account and upload your Raw Genetic Data from one of the following consumer genetics service: 23andMe, MyHeritage, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, or any other service. DNAGENICS neither endorses nor criticizes the services offered by these companies; rather, DNAGENICS simply helps you better understand your raw genetic sequence. As used, here, "Raw Genetic Data" means the information about your genes that you are provided by one of these three services.

Your "raw" genetic sequence means the order of the bases in your genes, which will be the base for your genetic analysis. To use DNAGenics, you must have your Raw Genetic Data from one of the consumer genetic services mentioned above. For more details, please visit our FAQ page.

Once you upload your Raw Genetic Data, DNAGenics will analyze your sequence and will provide you with our analysis of the results. Our analysis will help you understand the genetic basis of your genetic traits as they relate to ancestry, health traits and many other ancestry, health related subjects.

We may ask you to fill out questionnaires relating to your health, lifestyle and family tree, as this information will help us provide you more insight into the genetic bases of your traits. The questionnaires are self-reported and completely voluntary.

We reserve the right to offer you additional services in the future or to discontinue the service at our sole discretion.


Our scientists will have access to your results to provide our service to you and to answer your questions.

Otherwise, only you and anyone to whom you give access to your account will have access to your analysis.

We may release personal information if required to do so by state or federal law, or to respond to a court order, subpoena, law enforcement, regulatory request, search warrant, or the like.

We do not resell any of the personal data uploaded to our site.

Please review our Privacy Policy for more details on how we handle your personal information.


The Service will provide you with information about you. You might learn unexpected findings about yourself or your family. Once you know your genetic information, the knowledge is irreversible. For some, the information is empowering; for others, the findings may cause anxiety and discomfort. Also, the information you receive may not be positive and may be upsetting to you or to others with whom you choose to share the information. In some cases, it may disrupt longstanding and valued interpersonal relationships. In others, it may help you form new relationships. Except as stated above, the Service will not share your data with anyone. If you elect to do so, you acknowledge and accept the risk that sharing your information with others creates the risks discussed here. The Service cannot and will not accept responsibility for any consequences of your decision to disclose your personal information to anyone else. If the possibility of some adverse effect from sharing your information is unacceptable, it is probably best if you exercise your right to maintain confidential the information the Service provides you.

Despite our efforts to protect the information you provide us; we cannot guarantee that your identity or genetic information will never become known. The risk for such a confidentiality breach is very low but not zero. Despite our security precautions, for examples, hackers may be able to gain unauthorized access to your data. Also, as stated above, we may need to share your information with law enforcement and regulators if we are required to do so by law or in response to valid requests by public authorities. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.


Your raw genetic data and its analysis cannot tell you everything about you. The analysis and results describe your probability of having certain traits. Your DNA is only a part of what makes you who you are. In many cases, the environment in which you were raised, the education and experiences you have had, and the lifestyle choices you make may influence you more than your genetics. Thus, the analysis and reports we provide are not deterministic. If on the basis of information you learn by using the Service you think some significant change in your habits, exercise, diet, lifestyle, medications, or healthcare may be warranted, you should confer with your healthcare professional before making any such change. The Service cannot accept and will deny liability for any change you elect to make without having first sought advice from a competent healthcare professional.

It is possible that your raw genetic data contain errors, as errors can occur when a 3rd party consumer genetics company gathers, sequences, and provides you the data. Because your raw genetic data were not collected and sequenced by us, we will not be able to identify the errors if your data contain any.

You understand and agree that DNAGenics service is provided solely for your convenience, and you accept our services at your own risk. DNAGenics shall have no liability to you for errors in your raw genetic data, or for the consequences of your decision to disclose your results to any other person.

You agree that all claims must be brought in each party’s individual capacity and not as a representative plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative proceeding. By creating an account, using DNAGenics, or uploading your raw genetic data, you agree to waive the right to participate in a class action claim.

Please see our Terms of Service for more details.


If you have questions, please contact us at info@dnagenics.com

Acknowledgement and Consent

I have read the consent form carefully and I acknowledge the following:

I have read and understood Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of DNAGenics

All my questions about the website, the Service, and my part in it have been answered to my satisfaction in language I understand.

I understand that my participation is voluntary, and I freely consent to participate.

I confirm that the data uploaded to DNAGenics belong to me or that I was explicitly authorized by the data owner to submit them on his or her behalf.

Based on current knowledge and research of DNAGenics as indicated in its Privacy Policy, I expressly authorize the collection, processing, use, and, as described and limited above, disclosure of my data.

I consent to ongoing analysis of DNAGenics and use of my raw genetic data as described herein. After the Service generates an initial report based on my data, from time to time it will update me in light of discoveries and publications appearing after that initial report.

I permit DNAGenics to contact me at reasonable hours and with reasonable frequency about changes, in Service updates, or for marketing.

I understand that DNAGenics may lead to new, or expanded products, research tools, or inventions that have financial value. By accepting the terms of this consent, I understand and agree that I will not be able to share in the profits from any future commercialization of products developed.

I understand that DNAGenics service is for educational, informational, and research purposes. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

I will consult with a healthcare professional/genetic counselor if I have any medical or health-related concerns or questions.

I understand that DNAGenics has the right to change the Term of Consent in the future. I therefore agree to check the current Terms of Consent each time I return to the site.

I understand that I am free to withdraw my consent at any time, but that doing so will have no retroactive effect. That is, I will have no claim against DNAGenics or against DNAGenics for uses or disclosures of information concerning me that occurred before I withdrew my consent. I understand that, after de-identification and aggregation, my results may be published.