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Gain a comprehensive understanding of your genetic makeup through the world's most comprehensive DNA test.

Get 450+ reports that help you understand:

  • Ancestry breakdown: Modern, Haplogroups, Ancient, Archaic
  • Traits explorer: Insights about your diet, fitness, and wellness
  • Ancestry advanced tools
  • Extended RAW data: regular standard RAW data file 100% compatible with third websites, imputed raw data and parent's phased files
Convenient at-home saliva collection
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What you get with DNA Genics Starter

Discover your optimal diet & fitness routine

Did you know that your genes can influence how your body responds to certain foods and types of exercise? This means that finding the right diet and fitness routine for you may require considering your unique genetic makeup. Whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, understanding your genetic blueprint can help you optimize your health and fitness efforts.


reports: 14 categories about your Diet, Exercise, Behavior, Well-being, Skin, Music & Dance, Success Traits, and more
Know your ancestral roots & genetic traits

Are you curious about your family history and where you come from? Do you want to learn more about your ancestral roots and genetic traits?

Our advanced DNA analysis technology can provide you with a detailed breakdown of your ethnic and geographic origins, giving you a deeper understanding of your family history.


  • Ancestry composition reports
  • Ancient composition reports
  • Deep Ancient composition reports
  • Archaic composition reports
  • Admixture composition reports
  • Haplogroups: MTDNA and YDNA
  • G25 Coordinates

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