DNA Segment Studio

DNA Segment Studio simplifies some of the operation that commonly a genealogist does while analyzing matching segments.

In the current version, this tool has the following features:

  • Segment Inferrer: Analyzes and infers the segments not inherited by someone given a set of matching segments. The idea behind of this tool comes from this two great article from Jonny Perl and Louis Kessler.

How to use Segment Inferrer

We recommend to read the following article to understand how to proceed with segment inferring:

Jonny Perl – Painting your DNA with inferred matches
Louis Kessler – Inferred Segment Matches

To use inferring matches, you need the shared segment result from person A to C and B to C.

For example, person A can be you, person B can be your father, person C can be your father’s second cousin.

The tool is compatible with the following shared segment results:

  • Gedmatch One-To-One results
  • MyHeritage Shared Segments
  • 23andme DNA Comparison table
  • FTDNA Shared Segment

Note: Ensure that the header of the table where is identified what column is each one is copied.

Once you have copied the shared segments from Person B to Person C, use the Paste button that is along to Match 1 label.

Then proceed to paste the shared segments from Person A to Person C, using the Paste button that is along to Match 2 label.

Finally, click on Calculate, this will calculate the inferred segments and they will displayed on the list below and painted in the chromosome browser at the right hand side.


Download DNA Segment Studio v0.1 – 2019/04/06


This application requires a Microsoft Windows Operating System, minimum Windows 7.


The downloaded file is a ZIP file. This file contains everything you need to run the application.

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file in any known folder
  2. Run the file named “DnaSegmentStudio.exe”
  3. The main window will show


This application respect your privacy, keeping every process and outcome just in your computer. It does not upload your RAW data to any server, it just run the processes in your own computer.


This application is still in beta, so please keep in mind there might be errors and we am not liable for any error or misusing. Remember to backup all your files. Feel free to use it.


Any trademark is owned solely to the owner’s company.